Migrating to Media Temple

  • Applies to: All service types
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time Needed: Variable
    • Tools Required: Admin access


The purpose of this article is to serve as an information hub for migrations to Media Temple. It includes information and links to product specific articles.

Advanced Support can help!

If you're having trouble with the steps in this article, additional assistance is available via Advanced Support, our premium services division. For more information on what Advanced Support can do for you, please click here.

For for help moving domains between Media Temple accounts, please refer to this article: How do I transfer a domain to a server on another account?



To migrate a website to Media Temple, you'll be uploading all of your site's information to Media Temple's servers, including any associated databases (assuming they're not hosted remotely) and then pointing your domain's DNS to Media Temple. You may also choose to change your domain's registration to Media Temple, but this is not required in order to complete your migration.

This process may seem daunting if you're new to web hosting, but we have several articles with step-by-step instructions and an award-winning 24/7 support team that's standing by to help. 

Transfer your website data

Your site's information is stored on a server and is accessed via your domain. Migrating your site's data to Media Temple is a simple process that is dependent on the type of hosting you'll be migrating to. Use the following product specific articles to migrate your sites to Media Temple. Feel free to contact our fantastic 24/7 support team if you get stuck or have any questions.

Migration Articles:

Grid – Including Grid-Server, Grid Pro, and GRID with Media Temple Mail
VPS – Including DV, DV Managed, and (DV)
WordPress – Including Wordpress Hosting and Premium Wordpress
Shared Hosting - Shared Linux Hosting w/ cPanel

MediaTemple VPS with Plesk or cPanel

If you've purchased a Media Temple VPS with Plesk or cPanel, you may be able to use their built in migration tools to easily move your site data to your new server. 

Using the Plesk Migrator Extension 

Using the cPanel/WHM Transfer Accounts Tool

Point your Domain to Media Temple

Your domain ( is the address where your site is found on the web. In order for your site to be hosted at Media Temple, your domain must be 'pointed' to our servers. Pointing your domain is a very simple process and is completed after you have migrated all of your site's data to Media Temple.

Pointing your domain to Media Temple
Media Temple's DNS/Nameserver Information

Understanding DNS
DNS Explained

An important note about email

It is possible to host your domain on one server and your email on another. It is important to know your configuration prior to completing your migration in order to prevent interruptions in your email service. If you are not sure of what your DNS configuration is, you can use a tool such as mxtoolbox to look up your mx (mail) records, or contact Media Temple support and we'll assist you.

Additional Resources

Migrate to a VPS from a Grid
Adjusting your domain's TTL

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