How do I upload single files to my ProCDN?

  • Applies to: ProCDN
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time: 60
    • Tools needed: Internet access, ProCDN service


This article explains how to upload single files to the ProCDN from your local computer.

Important Note

This is not the recommended way to utilize the ProCDN service. While you can upload single files using the ProCDN's "Media Manager", the process may be slow and tedious. Also, individual files larger than 20MB are not permitted. Please click here for best-practice setup instructions.


  1. Log into the EdgeCast Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Media Manager tab. See Figure 1:

    Figure 1: Click on the Media Manager tool.

  3. Create, then navigate to your desired folder. To create a new folder, click on the folder icon shown in Figure 2:

    Figure 2: Click on the folder icon to create a new folder.

  4. Click on the upload icon to upload one or more files. See Figure 3:

    Figure 3: Click on the file-and-arrow icon to upload files.

  5. A new window will pop up. Click on Choose File to locate a file on your computer. When you've selected all desired files, click Upload. See Figure 4:

    Figure 4: Select all desired files, then click "Upload."

  6. Your files will then be shown in the Media Manager. See Figure 5:

    Figure 5: Your files will be listed in the Media Manager.

  7. Now, select your file. It will become highlighted in blue. Click the Load to Edge icon. See Figure 6:

    Figure 6: Click the icon to load your file to the edge.

  8. That's it! Note the URL that displays when you click on one of your files (see Figure 7):

    Figure 7: Your ProCDN URL.

    It will take about an hour for your changes to be propagated through EdgeCast's system, and then you will be able to view your file at that URL.

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