Billing Information

  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter access

This article explains how to monitor and manage your billing preferences. All actions listed in this article require you to be logged into your Account Center.

  1. Log into the Account Center.
  2. Click on the Billing tab at the top of your Account Center.

Billing Center

Navigate to a billing menu that includes all the options below, and includes Request to Close.

Make a payment

  1. Choose whether you want to Pay full balance or Pay different amount. Enter your desired amount, if needed.
  2. Choose your payment method:
    • Credit card on file
    • Add a card
  3. Select Make Payment.

Manage credit cards

  • Click on Add a card to add a new credit card. Fill in the information for your new card.
  • To update a card on file, you must add it as a new card. For your security, it is not possible to directly edit your credit or debit card info. Refer to this article for additional help: How do I update my credit card? 
  • Click on remove next to an existing card to delete it.
  • Click on make primary to change the primary card for your account.

Balances & Statements

From this page, you will have the option to select from any of the invoices created over the entire lifespan of your account in the lower section marked Previous Statements.

If you like, you can also select the option for automatic emailed invoices from this same page. Please note, these automated emailed invoices will be sent to the primary email address listed for the account owner if this option is selected.

View All Services

See a list of all services on this account, their pricing, renewal dates, and frequency.

Billing preferences

Billing term

Currently, if you would like to change your billing term from Monthly to Annual or vice versa, please submit a support request via your AccountCenter.

You can also contact us via chat or telephone if you have any billing questions related to your (mt) Media Temple account. Our support team is here to assist you 24/7/365.


Your monthly charges will be separated into two items: your fully managed support plan + your AWS usage.

You have a dedicated billing manager

We know that AWS billing can be confusing so we have provided a dedicated billing manager who can help you understand your charges and answer any questions that you may have about your monthly costs.

In addition to that, we can also provide some level of customization for your monthly invoice.

If you are unsure who your billing manager is, you may contact

What kind billing support do we provide?

Because AWS utilizes a utility billing model, your monthly usage may fluctuate from month to month. We can help you understand how your costs are being allocated and make sure your infrastructure is right-sized for your workload and budget.


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