How do I generate a MySQL report?

  • Applies to: Grid
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time Needed: 30
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter access, MySQL GridContainer
  • Applies to: All DV
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time Needed: 60
    • Tools Required: SSH, root or sudo access


The following will show you the steps to run a MySQL Report on your MySQL GridContainerDV server. This report generates a large, comprehensive report that displays values for practically every MySQL server statistic available, along with explanations. Use this report to analyze specific areas of your MySQL usage patterns and uncover performance bottlenecks.


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  1. To get started, log into the (mt) Media Temple Account Center at
  2. Once logged in, you will see your account "Overview". Click on the "Admin" button for your Grid.
  3. Next, click on Manage Databases:


  4. Then, click on the Containers tab:


  5. Now, here's the fun part: Scroll down the page a bit, then click on Run Report:
  6. After a brief period, your report will appear. Here is an example:


    On the right-hand side, you will see a button to re-run the report as well as more details on how to interpret the report.


    If you have already run this report once, you must first view your current report, after which you will be able to see the option to run a new one.

  1. Connect to your DV server via SSH as the root or sudo user.
  2. Grab the MySQL Report Script:
  3. Now, simply run the script using the following command:


    Be sure to replace password123 with your MySQL admin password.

    perl mysqlreport --user admin --password password123
  4. You should now see results similar to:
    MySQL 5.0.45             uptime 6 1:4:11        Thu Oct 30 15:20:04 2008
    __ Key _________________________________________________________________
    Buffer used    33.00k of   8.00M  %Used:   0.40
      Current     943.99k            %Usage:  11.52
    Write hit       0.00%
    Read hit       91.97%
    __ Questions ___________________________________________________________
    Total          55.58k     0.1/s
      COM_QUIT     20.01k     0.0/s  %Total:  36.01
      QC Hits      17.82k     0.0/s           32.06
      DMS           9.33k     0.0/s           16.79
      Com_          8.67k     0.0/s           15.60
      -Unknown        254     0.0/s            0.46
    Slow 10 s           0       0/s            0.00  %DMS:   0.00  Log: OFF
    DMS             9.33k     0.0/s           16.79
      SELECT        8.46k     0.0/s           15.22         90.65
      UPDATE          664     0.0/s            1.19          7.11
      DELETE          169     0.0/s            0.30          1.81
      REPLACE          35     0.0/s            0.06          0.38
      INSERT            5     0.0/s            0.01          0.05
    Com_            8.67k     0.0/s           15.60
      set_option    2.82k     0.0/s            5.08
      admin_comma   1.16k     0.0/s            2.09
      show_variab   1.11k     0.0/s            2.00
    __ SELECT and Sort _____________________________________________________
    Scan            5.70k     0.0/s %SELECT:  67.35
    Range              23     0.0/s            0.27
    Full join           8     0.0/s            0.09
    Range check         0       0/s            0.00
    Full rng join       0       0/s            0.00
    Sort scan         637     0.0/s
    Sort range          3     0.0/s
    Sort mrg pass       0       0/s
    __ Query Cache _________________________________________________________
    Memory usage    6.31M of   8.00M  %Used:  78.90
    Block Fragmnt   0.05%
    Hits           17.82k     0.0/s
    Inserts         6.80k     0.0/s
    Insrt:Prune   6.80k:1     0.0/s
    Hit:Insert     2.62:1
    __ Table Locks _________________________________________________________
    Waited              0       0/s  %Total:   0.00
    Immediate      15.71k     0.0/s
    __ Tables ______________________________________________________________
    Open               64 of   64    %Cache: 100.00
    Opened          4.31k     0.0/s
    __ Connections _________________________________________________________
    Max used            4 of  100      %Max:   4.00
    Total          20.02k     0.0/s
    __ Created Temp ________________________________________________________
    Disk table      1.98k     0.0/s
    Table           4.74k     0.0/s    Size:  32.0M
    File                5     0.0/s
    __ Threads _____________________________________________________________
    Running             1 of    1
    Cached              0 of    0      %Hit:      0
    Created        20.02k     0.0/s
    Slow                0       0/s
    __ Aborted _____________________________________________________________
    Clients             8     0.0/s
    Connects           89     0.0/s
    __ Bytes _______________________________________________________________
    Sent           13.35M    25.6/s
    Received        5.45M    10.4/s
    __ InnoDB Buffer Pool __________________________________________________
    Usage           2.00M of   2.00M  %Used: 100.00
    Read hit       98.90%
      Free              0            %Total:   0.00
      Data            127                     99.22 %Drty:   0.00
      Misc              1                      0.78
      Latched           0                      0.00
    Reads         257.22k     0.5/s
      From file     2.83k     0.0/s            1.10
      Ahead Rnd         0       0/s
      Ahead Sql        12     0.0/s
    Writes            486     0.0/s
    Flushes           146     0.0/s
    Wait Free           0       0/s
    __ InnoDB Lock _________________________________________________________
    Waits               0       0/s
    Current             0
    Time acquiring
      Total             0 ms
      Average           0 ms
      Max               0 ms
    __ InnoDB Data, Pages, Rows ____________________________________________
      Reads         2.84k     0.0/s
      Writes          335     0.0/s
      fsync           258     0.0/s
        Reads           0
        Writes          0
        fsync           0
      Created           1     0.0/s
      Read          2.83k     0.0/s
      Written         146     0.0/s
      Deleted          15     0.0/s
      Inserted         25     0.0/s
      Read          9.92k     0.0/s
      Updated          84     0.0/s 
  5. For more information on how to read these results, please visit The Guide To Understanding mysqlreport.


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