How do I access my Virtuozzo Power Panel?

  • Applies to: Legacy DV & VPS Hosting
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time: 5
    • Tools needed: Account Center access
  • Applies to: DV Developer
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time: 5
    • Tools needed: Account Center access


For your Legacy DV & VPS Hosting, you can monitor resources, stop/start services, configure firewall rules, repair your server, and more with your Parallels Power Panel.

The information in this article only applies to Legacy DV & VPS Hosting products. This includes: DV w/SSDs (CentOS 7), DV w/SSDs (CentOS 6), DV, DV Developer, & dv 4.0. Be sure to check the service type in your Account Center before continuing with the instructions below:

Virtuozzo Power Panel

  1. Log into your Media Temple Account
  2. Click the blue ADMIN button associated to your server.
  3. Under SEVER GUIDE, click on View your Guide.
  4. Click on the link next to Power Panel Access.
  5. Log into your VZ7 Power Panel using the root user/password.


When I launch the Virtuozzo Power Panel I receive a page with a large SSL Warning, is it safe to visit?
Yes! What you are seeing is an SSL error message due to the fact that the Parallels Power Panel uses a self-signed SSL Certificate. Your browser should offer you a way to bypass the error message so that you may access the panel.


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