How do I add a Snapshot Backup to my server?

  • Applies to: All DV, (ve) Server
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Account Center access


The Snapshot Backup preserves the entire state of your server, from the core configuration files down to the emails. Recommended use:

  • Preserve a working version of your server before making system-level changes, like upgrading PHP or MySQL.
  • Keep an off-server backup in (mt) Media Temple's secure Data Center in case your machine gets hacked or becomes corrupted.
  • Make a new backup weekly or monthly so your data stays current.



For our Dedicated Server product line, please contact Sales to purchase your Snapshot Backup at (310) 841-5500.

  1. Sign into the Account Center.
  2. Click on your primary domain.
  3. Click on Upgrade Server in the Server Admin box.


  4. Under the Additional Features section, check the box next to Snapshot Backup and decide how many backups you want, up to five. If you want to be able to rotate the backups rather than just periodically replacing the contents of one, choose at least two. Then, click Next.


  5. Review the charges. You will be charged for whatever is left of this month at a prorated amount, plus the full amount for the next month. Click Next.
  6. That's it! It'll be about 20 minutes until your order is processed. Once it is, make sure you create a backup. A backup server is of no use if you don't store anything on it.
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