Using the Managed WordPress Themes Panel

  • Applies to: Premium WP / Managed WP Pro, Personal, Elite
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 15
    • Tools Required: Account Center access
  • Applies to: Managed WordPress
    • Difficulty: N/A
    • Time Needed: N/A
    • Tools Required: N/A

The themes tool is not available for Managed WordPress Ultimate, Pro5, Pro 10, Pro25 and newer. However, you can install and managed themes through your WordPress admin dashboard.


This article will walk you through using the Themes tool to manage WordPress themes in your Managed WordPress service.

The Themes tool allows you to manage themes for your site or select one of Media Temple's unique themes for your WordPress site. To navigate to the Themes panel, do the following:

  1. Open your Managed WordPress Control Panel from the Account Center.
  2. Select the site you wish to manage themes for from the My Sites page.
  3. Select Themes from the left-hand menu.

Previewing & Changing Themes

  1. To preview a new theme or change your theme, you will first want to hover over the thumbnail of the theme you wish to use.
  2. There are two options you can choose from for each theme.
    • To preview a theme, select the Preview Theme button.
    • To change your theme to the highlighted theme, select Change Theme.

Uploading a Custom Theme

You can also upload a custom theme to the Themes tool. The below instructions will guide you through using a custom theme.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Themes panel and click on the Custom box.
  2. An upload dialog box will open in your browser. Select a .zip file containing the WordPress theme you wish to upload, then click Open to continue. (This part may vary slightly depending on the type of computer you are using.)
  3. The Custom window will change from grey to blue. Select Upload & Activate beneath the Custom box to continue.
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