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Media Temple assesses sales tax or VAT depending on the rules of different jurisdictions relative to the Account Owner's address. These rules apply to customers with qualifying locations based on evolving taxation rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how are taxes applied to my purchase with Media Temple?

Taxes are applied at purchase from all new customers (on or after April 13, 2015) residing in jurisdictions for which applicable taxes must be collected. This includes specific U.S. states, EU member countries, and other countries or local jurisdictions in which sales tax is eligible for service purchases. Additionally, existing customers in a European Union country that assesses a VAT will be charged VAT beginning on May 12, 2015.

How do I know whether I will be assessed taxes or not?

Taxes are assessed based on current taxation rules reflecting the location of the Account Owner. Due to the changing nature of taxation statues for internet services in a number of locations, it is not possible for us to provide an up-to-date reference for specific jurisdictions. However, we maintain an internal system that is updated whenever new taxation rules go into effect for a specific area. We strongly recommend searching your state and local government resources to determine whether or not internet services are considered taxable in your location.

How do I know if Media Temple is assessing tax for my location?

Estimated tax will be applied to your final purchase if applicable and added to the total amount collected. This amount will show in your shopping cart during the checkout process.

I have tax-exempt status in a jurisdiction that otherwise assesses taxes on this service. How do I apply this exempt status to my Media Temple services?

To have your account flagged as exempt from sales tax collection in your home jurisdiction, please submit a copy of the applicable exemption form for your home jurisdiction (state or country, depending on rules in place). This documentation, as well as any other required documentation establishing tax exemption, must be sent to 

  • Exemption requests are sent to
  • The subject line of the email should be: mt-##### (##### is your Media Temple account number) Tax-Exempt Request.
  • Indicate in the body of the email that this is a request for adjudication of tax-exempt status for a Media Temple customer and the reason why the tax exemption is being requested. 
  • Attach the supporting documentation.

Our team will review this request and, if it is in order, we will refund any inapplicable tax amounts that have been previously collected. Customers in the EU who are exempt from VAT must enter their VAT ID or region in the Account Owner's contact information to be considered for exemption. This field will show in the Account Center by April 13, 2015.

I am an existing Media Temple customer and have been since before April 13, 2015. Do tax rules apply to me?

In January 2018, Media Temple began assessing applicable taxes for all products and services, regardless of purchase date. 

  • Customers with legacy services that were provisioned prior to April 13, 2015, are not responsible for any uncollected taxes. Regular tax collection began in January 2018. 
  • Taxes are determined at the federal, state, and local government level, and not by Media Temple.

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