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This article shows the Media Temple nameserver information. It is intended for customers who have previously registered their domain name with a third-party domain registrar, such as Network Solutions, and who want to use their domain name with a Media Temple hosting service.

Correct domain name modification/transfer is the sole responsibility of the domain owner. Assistance and support for modifying or transferring a domain name can only be rendered by the actual domain name registrar (the company that currently holds the domain name record). By virtue of paying for domain name registration service with a company - your registrar - a domain name owner is entitled to support directly from the registrar itself. Media Temple is not permitted to provide excessive support resources in assisting domain name owners in the modification/transfer process. The information contained in this article is intended to be a helpful resource for your reference.

For for help moving domains between Media Temple accounts, please refer to this article: How do I transfer a domain to a server on another account?


Watch this video to learn how to point your domain's DNS to your Media Temple service.

Nameserver information

If you want to point a domain to Media Temple, it is recommended that you first set up the domain on your server here. Upload your website content and set up your email addresses. Preview your site here, using your access domain or IP address, to make sure it is functioning correctly.

Once everything is set up, you can easily point your domain to Media Temple by updating your nameservers with your registrar to the following:


Normally, the above information is sufficient information for most registrar systems. Some registrars may require that you also supply the associated IP addresses for each nameserver as well. In this case, the following should be used:

  • Primary Server Hostname: NS1.MEDIATEMPLE.NET
    • IP Address:
  • Secondary Server Hostname: NS2.MEDIATEMPLE.NET
    • IP Address:


 Media Temple contact information

Additionally, including Media Temple, Inc as the technical contact for your domain may provide additional security and management capabilities. Network Solutions customers may use our NIC handle:

Technical Contact NIC: TC1041-ORG

Other 3rd-party registrars should use the following Technical Contact information:

DNS Administrator
Media Temple, Inc
8520 National Blvd. Building A
Culver City, CA US
Phone: 877-578-4000
Fax: 310-564-2007

Verify this contact information at


About DNS updates and domain resolution

If you want to host your website on a Media Temple server, it is necessary for your domain to resolve to Media Temple. This means that the zone file for your domain name must point your domain to your Media Temple server's IP address. You can do this manually for a third-party zone file on third-party nameservers, or you can update your nameservers to Media Temple's nameservers. If you have added your domain in the AccountCenter, we will automatically have a zone file set up for your domain, which will point your website traffic and email to your server here.

Unless you first lowered the TTL (time to live) on your zone file on your previous nameservers, it will take 24-48 hours for your DNS change to propagate. It is also helpful to reboot your computer or clear your DNS cache after 24 hours, if your website is still resolving to your old server from your location.

For more about TTL, see Understanding TTL (time-to-live).


More about migrations

If your website will look different between the two servers, or if you want to avoid a period where email could be sent to both your old server and your new server, you should try to lower the TTL (time to live) on your zone file before doing anything else. Do this 48 hours BEFORE updating your nameservers to the Media Temple nameservers. See Understanding TTL (time-to-live) for basic information about TTL. You will need to contact your current third-party nameserver host for specific information on how to lower TTL in their system.

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