Managing Domain Registrations

  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter access


This article is an index of articles for managing domain registrations within your Account Center.

Registering a New Domain

For step by step instructions with screen shots, please see: How do I register a new domain?

Domain Auth Code

The domain auth code is needed when you want to transfer your domain registration to a third-party registrar. For detailed instructions with screen shots, please see: What is a domain auth code?

Domain Locking/Unlocking

Choose "Locking" to prevent unwanted transfers for your domain. You may lock/unlock any domain you have registered with us. Please see this article for instructions and screen shots: What is domain locking?

Domain WHOIS Information

The WHOIS information for a domain publicly displays the domain's ownership details. For instructions on how to edit this for your domain, please see: How do I edit my domain's WHOIS information?


Q: Does (mt) Media Temple offer private WHOIS information?
A: Yes, please see this article: Domain Privacy.

Edit nameserver information

For any domain registered through (mt) Media Temple, you may edit the nameservers directly in your AccountCenter. Detailed instructions are here: Managing nameservers.

Closing a Domain Registration

Domain registrations are automatically renewed annually by our system. You may, however, choose to close this registration at any time.

Canceling this service will not remove the domain (or associated files) from your account.

  1. If you are the listed account owner, sign into the AccountCenter.
  2. Click or hover on the Billing tab. Or, just click here to be taken there directly.
  3. Click on Billing Center.
  4. Click Request to Close.
  5. Under the section labeled "Close A Domain Registration," select the checkmark next to the domain(s) you wish to close.


  6.   Next, schedule a close date and a reason for closing the service. Be sure to schedule your closure before the next renewal date of your domain!

Transferring a Domain Registration

There are two types of domain transfer actions you can take:

Transferring a domain's registration service to another (mt) Media Temple account.

Currently, there is no simple way to move a domain's registration to another (mt) Media Temple account. Account owners MUST open a support request from each account. Once we have confirmation from both account owners, we will transfer the domain registration, and update both support requests once the transfer is completed.

Transferring a domain's registration service to (mt) Media Temple from another registrar

You can transfer any domain to your account as long as it is a TLD we register. For a full guide on transferring, please see this article:

How do I transfer my domain to or from (mt) Media Temple? 

Prior to initiating a transfer, please make sure that:

  • The domain is unlocked.
  • Domain name privacy is turned off.
  • You have access to the administrative contact email address.
  • You have requested the Auth Code.
  1. From within your Account Center, click the Domains tab, and select "Add New Domain or Service."
  2. Under the label "Add Domains" select "Transfer Domain."
  3. Type in your domain name (Be sure not to use any of the following subdomains: www, ftp, mail.)
  4. For "Add Hosting", select "No", then click on "Next Step."
  5. Your domain registration should now begin the transfer process.

Transferring a domain registration to a third-party registrar

You can transfer any domain registration to another provider at any time. To do so, you would simply start the transfer process from your new registrar. Be sure to have your auth code ready, as your new registrar should request it during the transfer process.


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