Managing Your Contact Information

  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time: 10
    • Tools needed: AccountCenter access


This article explains how to add or edit contact information for your account. All types of contacts have broad access to your AccountCenter and to your server(s). An AccountCenter contact can:

  1. Access and modify your services or billing information.
  2. View some or all of your billing information.
  3. Contact (mt) Media Temple for phone or chat support and submit support requests.


Display current contacts

  1. Log into your AccountCenter.
  2. Click on the Contacts tab at the top of the navigation menu. This will take you to the unified Contacts page, which allows you to add a new contact or view existing contact details.


  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Contacts screen. You will be able to see all users associated with your (mt) Media Temple account.


Add a New Contact

  1. To add a contact, first click the Contacts button in your AccountCenter.
  2. Add your contact's name and email address.
  3. Select the type of contact you wish to add: Administrative, Technical, or Billing. For a detailed explanation of each role, please read: AccountCenter Contact Roles. If needed, add a short message to the invitation email. 
  4. Select Invite Contact to continue. You will then receive a confirmation message.
  5. Your contact will receive an email inviting them to manage assets on your account. To do that, they will need to create their own login or link their existing (mt) Media Temple login. For detailed instructions on populating these fields, please see the next section.
Users will have 30 days to accept the invite and create their account. If their link expires, the (mt) Account Owner can resend an invite through the Contacts page.

Accepting a Contact Invitation

When a new contact has accepted an invitation to manage a (mt) Media Temple account, they will need to fill out their contact information accordingly.

    1. First, click on the link in the accompanying invitation email. If you did not receive this email or it has expired, please ask the Account Owner to re-send it through the AccountCenter.
    2. Next, you will be given an option to select your existing Media Temple account or create a new one.
        • If you have an existing Media Temple account, provide your login credentials to link up as a contact and complete the invitation process.
        • If you do not already have a Media Temple account, you'll need to fill out the relevant contact details to create your user.


        • Company: Your company.
        • Name: Your name. This must be your real name and you must use this name when contacting support. This must be a personal name used by one individual, not a company name or generic login name.
        • Primary Email: This is your username for logging into the AccountCenter. It is recommended to use an email that is NOT hosted with (mt) Media Temple, so that you can still receive support emails if you ever have technical difficulties with your (mt) Media Temple email.
        • (Optional) Alternate Email: This email address will also receive account notifications. It is not possible to reset your AccountCenter password via an alternate email.
        • Primary Phone: The phone number for this user. You can also enter an alternate phone number.
        • Address: Your address.
    3. Next, you'll want to finalize your login information and set your AccountCenter password.


    • AccountCenter username: Automatically populated with your primary email.
    • Password and confirmation: Type your password twice. The password must meet all requirements as laid out in the AccountCenter.
  1. Click Save to complete your contact information. You're all done! You can now log in and begin managing your (mt) Media Temple account.

Manage your email subscription preferences

You can also use the "Contacts" record to choose which notifications you would like to receive from us. We recommend checking the boxes for all maintenance-related categories. For more information, please read this article: Manage your email subscription preferences.

Be sure to click the Save button after making your selections.


Please note that contact data (including email subscription preferences) is synced for a single user across all accounts that this user manages.

Modify/edit a contact

Contact details can only be modified only by the user directly. To modify or edit your contact details, click the edit button next to your existing contact record.


Change Primary Email / Username

  1. To change your primary email / username which you use to log into the Account Center, click on CHANGE USERNAME.


  2. Complete the Change Username form:


    • New Primary Email: Your new desired username/email.
    • Password: Your current password.

  3. When you are finished, click UPDATE.

Change password

  1. To change your password which you use to log into the Account Center, click on CHANGE PASSWORD.


  2. Complete the Change Password form:

    • Ensure that your new password meets the password requirements, as shown when each requirements turns green.
  3. When you are finished, click UPDATE.

Edit VAT information (Eurozone customers)

If the Account Owner lists an address in an applicable Eurozone country, VAT will automatically be assessed to the account. For VAT exemption, a new field will appear in the Edit Contact screen in which a VAT ID or qualifying region can be entered.

Remove a contact

Contacts can only be removed by the Account Owner. To remove a contact from your account, click the delete button next to an existing contact.


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