Media Temple Customer Referral Program

  • Applies to: All Services
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time: 5
    • Tools needed: None


If you are a current (mt) Media Temple customer, you may begin taking advantage of our referral program immediately.

After the referred customer is with us for 60 days, a one-time credit equal to their first month's hosting fee will be credited to the referring customer's account automatically. For example, if you have a Grid account, and you refer a customer who signs up for a DV - Level 3 account, you will be credited $150 after that customer has hosted with us for 60 days.


Agency Partner Program:
Our Agency Partner Program might be a fit for you too. The Agency Partner Program is geared towards our agency clients and also offers referral credits. Check it out here!

When the client you are referring orders a new service via our online process, there is a field on the "Complete Order" screen marked "Referral Domain". Your primary domain needs to entered into this field for the referral credit to apply.

You can also easily generate a special code to use for all referrals directly from our referral page. Using the special referral link generated by this tool will automatically populate the "Referral Domain" field for the sites you refer.

To get started, visit our referral page and enter your primary domain into the "Get Your Link" field. The referral tool also includes buttons to easily share your referral link to your social networking accounts, and even generates a QR code that you can also use to drive referral traffic.

When your referral clicks on the link in question, they will see a list of our hosting services with your domain attached. Once they follow through with a purchase from this screen, your primary domain will populate the "referral" box on the final order form, as displayed below.


Once your referral has had their service for 60 days, a referral credit will be automatically applied to your account, keeping the referral process seamless!


  • Client referrals are counted by single hosting services only, and are awarded only after the client has been with us for 60 days.
  • To earn referral credits you must have an active hosting account with (mt) Media Temple prior to referring your first client.
  • We will provide each referred customer with our 24/7/365 Support, relieving you of that burden.
  • Please be sure to use the primary domain of your (mt) Media Temple account as the referring domain.
  • For new services in which you haven't received credit, please have your referral open a support request in the AccountCenter, providing your primary domain name.
  • If you wish to know how many referrals you have made, please submit a support request at the attention of our Sales team via your AccountCenter.
  • If your main hosting server already has a discount, then the greater discount will be used for that server.

We encourage you to use the (mt) Media Temple logo on your site to help drive your referrals. Please click here for detailed style guidelines and to download our logo images.

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