Creating a Single Login for Multiple Media Temple Accounts

  • Applies to: All Services
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter Access


This article will help you streamline and simplify your AccountCenter experience by creating a single login for all of your (mt) Media Temple accounts. Once this process is complete, you'll no longer need to use a primary domain to identify your account.

Account Owners are not able to have single login for multiple accounts. Only Admin, Billing, and Technical contacts have the ability to have single login.


  1. If an Account Contact has an existing Media Temple account, and their primary email is invited as a Contact to a separate account, they will have the ability to create a Single Login to access their multiple accounts at once.
  2. Log into the email mailbox that also acts as the login address for your (mt) Media Temple account.
  3. You should see an email with the subject line: "A single login for all your (mt) accounts."
  4. If you do not see the message in your inbox, it is recommended that you check your spam folder for it.
  5. When you open the email, it will contain a link that will allow you access to update your accounts. The email should read as follows:

  6. To begin the process click on SIMPLIFY YOUR ACCOUNTS.
  7. A browser window will open and you will arrive at the LINK YOUR ACCOUNTS screen
  8. The first thing you'll notice is your new (mt) username.
  9. The next step is to review your accounts. As you scroll down, you will see all of the accounts you own below listed by their current primary domain and service type.
  10. Once you've reviewed your accounts that will be consolidated to this single sign-on, you will need to set a new password for the new (mt) user. When creating the new password, you will need to meet all of the password requirements to make sure your password is strong.
  11. After entering the password, you will need to verify or select your correct primary address for these accounts.
  12. Once you have confirmed all of the information above is correct, click FINISH to update your accounts.
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