Account Center Contact roles

  • Applies to: All Service Types
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter access


All types of Contacts have broad access to your AccountCenter and to your server(s). An AccountCenter Contact can:

  1. Access and modify your service(s).
  2. View some or all of your billing information.
  3. Call (mt) Media Temple for phone support and submit support requests.



The owner of the account is the owner of all the data hosted on the (mt) Media Temple hosting service(s). The owner is also the only one who can submit a request to close a service or account.

Owners will receive all notifications for an account and, if an account happens to close, only the owner can re-open. For more information on how to re-open a closed account, please read: How do I re-open a closed account? A request to move a zone file or service to another existing account will be done by the owner as well.

**The person you list as the owner of your account should be someone that owns the domain name and/or is the owner of the company. We DO NOT recommend that you make an employee the listed owner of the (mt) Media Temple Account.**



The administrator of the account has permission to manage both technical and billing issues and can add, but cannot close, services. An example of a admin contact would be a developer managing an account for a friend or client who owns the primary web assets. Ideally, these parties would list themselves as an admin and the client would be the owner.


A technical contact has full technical access to your services, but cannot modify or access billing information nor add or remove contacts from the account. An example of a tech contact would be someone that you hire to assist you with building your website, or an employee who primarily manages the technical side of your account.


The billing contact would be the individual to whom you would like to have copies of your invoices sent. They will have this login to make payments through the AccountCenter. For more information, please see: Billing information.

An example of a billing contact would be the accounts payable parties at your company.


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