What is the difference between domain disk space and hard disk quota?

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This articles covers basic information on the different quotas in Plesk and what each quota setting means. Quotas can be useful to limit your domains use of disk space on the server thus preventing one domain from filling the server. A basic run down for the quota settings:

  • Domain disk space - a calculation of everything the domain uses disk space for i.e. web, mail, databases, etc.
  • Hard disk quota - a calculation of disk space used by a domains ftp user account i.e. web files.

For more detailed information, please see below.

Domain disk space

  • This is how much disk space is used by the entire domain. It is made up of Plesk statistics and includes the amount of disk space taken by web pages, mail accounts, databases and other domain data including options specified in the statistic settings. You can view this information within the Statistics tab of the Domain Control Panel.
  • If a domain exceeds the "Domain disk space" limit, both the server administrator and the domain owner receive notifications.
  • Domain disk space can be configured on the domain's limit page. 
    1. From the Server Administration Panel, click Domains.
    2. Click the domain you want to set the disk space for.
    3. Click Customize.
    4. Set your disk space limit and click OK.

Hard disk quota

  • This is a file system feature that limits how much disk space can be taken by the files which are owned by a specific system account (either domain FTP user or webuser or subdomain FTP user).
  • This file system quota cannot be exceeded. If the limit is reached, the system user will not be able to create new files and will receive the error "no more space left on device".
  • You can set domain hard disk quota in the Web Hosting Access page for the domain. The directions below will help you navigate to the right panel.
    1. From the Domain Control Panel for the domain you want to set a quota for, click the Websites & Domains tab.
    2. Click Web Hosting Access.
    3. Set your hard disk quota space and click OK.
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