API: Add Service

This method provides a way to add a new (mt) Media Temple service to the authenticated account.

IMPORTANT: As of April 2018, the Media Temple customer API has been deprecated. Previously created API keys will continue to work until further notice, but you will not be able to generate new keys via the Account Center. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact our support team.

Request Info

The following URL and HTTP method should be used.


The following data must be provided as a type-specific object (JSON/XML) in the body of the request.

Parameter Type Required Default Description
serviceType int yes NA The service type. See also Service Type.
operatingSystem int no 16 (Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic) The operating system the service will be provision with. Only available for (ve) services. See also Operating System.
primaryDomain String yes
(dv only)
(ve) auto-generates a domain The primary domain name for the new service.

Example JSON object

"serviceType": 668,
"primaryDomain": ""
"operatingSystem": 16

Response Info

The response will return an HTTP status code to indicate the general category of success or failure to the client. More specific error codes and messages will be contained in the response data itself, if provided. For more information on response codes and parsing response data, see Parsing API Responses.

Sample Request

To add a new service of service type 668, do the following.

curl -D log.txt -s -X "POST" -d '{ "serviceType": 668, "primaryDomain": "", "operatingSystem": 16}' \
     -H "Content-type: application/json" \

Sample Response

Here is an example of the returned result.

"response" : {
"statusCode" : 202,
"timeStamp" : 1284609174311,
"date" : "2010-09-16T03:52:54.311+0000",
"errors" : [ ],
"custom" : [ ]

Response Errors

All responses should be in the standard response format. For more information, see Parsing API Responses.

Status Code Error Code Error Description
400 InvalidServiceType The requested service type is not valid.
400 InvalidDomain A domain must be specified for this service.
400 InvalidOS The requested Operating System is not valid.
402 PaymentFailed This order was not able to complete due to payment problems.
500 UnknownError There was an unexpected error.
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