API: Set Plesk Password

This method provides a way to set the Plesk password for a specific (mt) Media Temple service associated with the authenticated account.

Request Info

The following URL and HTTP method should be used.


The following parameters must be provided in the URL.

Parameter Type Description
serviceId int The service id

The body content of the request should contain a pleskPassword object with a single field password which contains the new Plesk password.

Response Info

The response will return an HTTP status code to indicate the general category of success or failure to the client. More specific error codes and messages will be contained in the response data itself, if provided. For more information on response codes and parsing response data, see Parsing API Responses.

Sample Request

To set the Plesk password, do the following.

curl -D log.txt -s -X "PUT" -d '{"password": "MyN3WPass"}' -H "Content-type: application/json" ""

Sample Response

Here is an example of the returned result.

  "response" : {
    "statusCode" : 202,
    "timeStamp" : 1284609174311,
    "date" : "2010-09-16T03:52:54.311+0000",
    "errors" : [ ],
    "custom" : [ ]

Sample Operation Pending

If another set Plesk password operation is already pending (e.g. the above request is called a second time before the set Plesk password job has completed), then you can expect a response like the following.

  "response" : {
    "statusCode" : 409,
    "timeStamp" : 1284609198593,
    "date" : "2010-09-16T03:53:18.593+0000",
    "errors" : [ {
      "errorCode" : "OperationPending",
      "message" : "An existing operation that conflicts is currently pending.  This operation cannot be scheduled until it completes."
    } ],
    "custom" : [ ]

Response Fields

All responses should be in the standard response format. For more information, see Parsing API responses.

Response Errors

Status Code Error Code Error Description
400 InvalidPassword The specified password was invalid.
404 InvalidService The specified serviceId was invalid.
405 PleskNotAvailable Plesk is not available on this service.
409 OperationPending There is an existing operation that has not completed.
500 UnknownError There was an unexpected error.
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