Using Sidekick Walkthroughs for Managed WordPress

  • Applies to: Managed WordPress
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Account Center access


If you're new to WordPress or just searching for a little guidance, Media Temple's Managed WordPress solutions come with dozens of built in walkthroughs powered by that will take you through the basics of using the WordPress dashboard. These walkthroughs are specifically built to work with the WordPress themes that come with our Managed WordPress offerings. The information below will provide an introduction and help you get started using the tool.

Keep in mind this is not a simulation. These walkthroughs are interactive guides. Everything you will be doing in the walkthrough may affect the content or configuration of your site.

Getting started

To get started using walkthroughs, simply log into your WordPress dashboard and click on the blue button labeled (mt) Help at the bottom of the menu at the left.

This will open up the help bar powered by Here, you will be able to see all of our categories for the various WordPress walkthroughs.

Once you choose a category, you will be able to see all of the available walkthroughs for that category.


The walkthrough will begin as soon as you select it. If you wish, you may also minimize the menu for an unobstructed view of while using a walkthrough. Simply click the menu button after a walkthrough has begun to hide the menu.

To end a walkthrough and close the interactive help tool at any time, just click on the blue button labeled (mt) Help that you used to open the tool.

Navigating a walkthrough

When you activate a walkthrough, you will be lead through a series of steps to complete the task you wish to learn. You will be lead by both audio and visual queues. Your main visual guide is a red cursor that will direct your attention to what you should focus your attention on next.


As stated above, the walkthroughs work as a step by step tutorial. So if you need to click a menu item, make a selection or input text in a field, the walkthrough will not continue to the next step until you have done so. To make sure you are finished with an individual step in the walkthrough, you may receive additional queues like the one below.


Simply follow along with the queues and the walkthrough will provide interactive help to achieve your goal. If you do need to pause or restart the interactive guide at any time, you may also use the controls at the bottom of your panel to do so.



If you run into some trouble using walkthroughs, the following resources may help.

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