How to log into cPanel

  • Applies to: DV
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Account Center access


This article will walk you through how to login into your cPanel accounts, either through the cPanel URL or by warping directly through WHM.

If you’d like additional information outside of what’s in this article, you can also feel free to view cPanel’s documentation on this topic here.


Method 1 - cPanel URL

This method is ideal if you already know your cPanel username/password and you just need to locate the appropriate login page.

1. By default, you can view your cPanel login screen through a browser using port 2083. For example:


(be sure to change “” with your domain name, or “” with your IP address). If you require a refresher on finding your server IP address you can feel free to click here.

2. The login page will look similar to the following:


3. After that, simply input your cPanel username/password, and you’re in!


Method 2 – WHM

This method is ideal if you are unsure of your cPanel username/password, but have (mt) Media Temple Account Center login access.

1. After logging into your (mt) Media Temple account, locate your DV server and click on the CPANEL icon:


2. This will take you to a menu which will show your WHM URL, username, and allow you to update the password if necessary.


3. You can click on the URL link, or manually type it into your browser. You should see a WHM login screen, and can enter your WHM username and password found in step 2:


4. Upon logging into WHM, you can click on Account Information.


5. Then click on List Accounts.


6. Then you can locate the desired cPanel account, and click on the orange “cP” icon which will automatically log you into cPanel:


That’s it! Using either Method 1 or Method 2, you should now be logged into cPanel!


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