How to add a site seal to your website

  • Applies to: All Services
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: Account Center access



A site seal is a visual indicator that can be placed on a webpage to let visitors know that your site has a legitimate and verified CA SSL. This is particularly helpful for sites that run e-commerce and online stores, as it will remind your customers that their identity and payment information are encrypted.

A site seal comes complementary with every (mt) Media Temple SSL, and adding it to your website is generally a quick and easy process!

Before beginning

You will want to be sure you have purchased a (mt) Media Temple SSL. If you'd like information on how to purchase a (mt) Media Temple SSL, feel free to review some additional documentation below:


Locating your Site Seal

  1. Log into your Media Temple account.
  2. Scroll down to ADD-ON SERVICES. Click on the MANAGE button associated to your SSL.


  3. Under SSL ADMIN, click View/Download Certificate Info.


  4. Scroll down and locate the Site Seal section.

    This can be copy/pasted in the code section of your website.


  5. Below we will show a simple way to do this with WordPress. If you have a custom build website or a different CMS, you may want to contact your website developer for information on embedding the site seal to your website.

Adding a Site Seal to WordPress

A site seal can be placed in various areas of a website. In this example, we will be adding it to the footer. If you'd like to place your site seal elsewhere, you may want to consult your website developer for details.

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard for your website.
  2. Click on Appearances.


  3. Click on Widgets


  4. Click on Text.


  5. Ensure the Footer is selected. Then click Add Widget.


  6. In the Text widget, click on the Text tab. Copy/Paste your Site Seal into the text box. Then click Save.


  7. That's it! If you visit your website, you should now see the site seal in your footer.

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